Head Coach Brett Wertman

In 2008 Brett found CrossFit as a way to diversify his training and was immediately hooked.

Brett spent 10-years in the US Air Force and 3-years in the Colorado Air National Guard. During his time on active duty he was both a Physical Training Leader and Unit Fitness Program Manager. Brett has devoted the past 13 years to working in various aspects of the fitness industry. He has trained and worked with professional athletes, college athletes, high school athletes, elite military (PJ, CCT, TACP), special populations, general populations and kids.
Brett completed his internship in sports performance under the direct tutelage of Loren Landow, owner of Landow Performance. Loren specializes in maximizing human performance, while decreasing the likelihood of injury. 
When not CrossFitting, Brett enjoys flying small airplanes, traveling, eating, good beer and most of all hanging out with his wife Marie and their 3 dogs.

Athletic Background High school, AAA and Junior level ice hockey. Perfect scores on multiple AFPTs, numerous individual and team CrossFit competitions.

Hometown Hagerstown, MD

B.S in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science from MSU Denver
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Top of Form

Coach Benjamin Neithercut

Originally from Chicago, Ben is new to Colorado. He grew up playing hockey, football and lacrosse. After school he became a chef. Kitchen life took its toll on both his physical and mental health. In 2010 he dedicated his life to improving his health, nutrition and fitness. 

The impact of this was so powerful that in 2013 he became a trainer and coach. Since 2010 he has worked alongside and studied under many of the top trainers, yogis and coaches in their fields; from professional ballet dancers and acrobats to physical therapists and a former Marine Corp trainer. 

Ben has spent many years and hours studying, researching, coaching and building human optimization; mobility, biology, strength, nutrition, recovery, anatomy, training styles and methodologies. He uses his fitness to take full advantage of Colorado's natural beauty and adventures.